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Candoo Mobile App

Connecting candooers and students with problems

The Idea

Candoo is a mobile application built for college students to network and share their skills and expertise. The application enables students to find peers that can help with computer problems, moving, iPhone repairs, and much more. It's a marketplace for students to share their skills and earn some money.

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Our Challenge

Our challenge was to design a multi-user marketplace for students to connect. Designing for different users and roles and enabling a medium for them to communicate quickly became a vital component of the platform. Our goal was to create a simple and delightful experience.

Data-driven Design

User flows, wireframes, and user testing

Candoo ux
User Flows

We began the project by exploring the jobs to be done and creating flows for the various jobs that the user would undertake.

Creating user flows allowed us to create meaningful user experiences by solving real user needs. We worked directly with the Candoo team to create and design the flows.

Interested in user flows? Learn more about user flows and how we utilize them at kohactive.

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User Testing with Prototypes

Once we finalized and tested the flows, we created an interactive prototype. We used InVision to build the clickable prototype, invited users, and conducted user interviews to test the design and user experience.

User testing was incredibly impactful. It taught us what worked, what didn't, and gave us direction on how to improve the overall UX. All of our assumptions were thrown out the window and we were able to validate the prototype and learn how to improve it without writing a line of code.

The Design

Clean, Intuitive, and Delightful

Candoo visual overview

We focused clean, colorful and enjoyable user interface. Our goal was to build trust in our platform and provide a simple process.

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