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Winix America

With quality for comfort

The Background

Winix is a leader in manufacturing products that offer clean air, clean water and comfortable living. Not only are their products built with incredible quality, but they also exceed expectations in performance and design.

While their product line is small, they have many similar products targeted at different lifestyles and conditions. It was important to create a unique user experience that allows users to find the best product for their needs by discovering and comparing products.

The Challenges

The greatest challenge of this project was designing an experience that allowed users to find the product that best fits their needs. Winix products are designed around lifestyle. Some target people with pets, those who smoke, or some who want cleaner drinking water.

Another challenge of this project was creating an automated checkout and fulfillment system that integrated with their billing, shipping and warehouse systems.

Filter Club

A subscription service for product filters

Most of Winix's products have state-of-the-art filtration systems that require replacement after some time. The Winix Filter Club is a custom subscription service that customers can opt-in to during checkout or at any time.

The Filter Club allows customers to configure their subscription settings, including quantity, product and interval. Once a subscription is up for renewal, a new order is created and shipped to the customer.

Filter club


Building an automated and integrated system


Winix serves customers throughout the entire country. The US-based part of the company runs lean with under 40 employees. In order to build an automated and sustainable fulfillment system, we integrated with various technologies and vendors.

Once an order is created on winixamerica.com, a background job kicks in to create labels and packaging slips. Those items are automatically sent to their fullfilment center for their vendor to accept and ship. Every morning, a nice email digest is sent to the team informing them of all orders.

The Design

Clean, intuitive and easy to use interface

Ss homepage
Designing for Emotions

The homepage was designed to evoke emotions from the user. Each line of products was organized around a lifestyle goal the customer is attempting to solve, like breathing or hydrating better. All Winix products were organized around these themes and the homepage layout enables the user to select the problem they're trying to solve.

Winix's air cleaner products are the most popular. They offer four different series of cleaners, each of which accommodates different room sizes. We designed the page to enable users to easily preview and compare the different options as well as learn about the features and options.

Ss breathe Ss series
They take the time and care about all their clients, and we’re satisfied with the work they’ve done. They’ve gone above and beyond what was necessary to aid anything that we had an issue with.
Thomas Dorsey, Marketing Manager


Designed and built to fit your lifestyle.



A combination of cutting-edge front and back-end technologies selected for Winix.