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Well run project require a shared understanding of roles and responsibilities. Some projects may not have a dedicated individual for each role but the responsibilities may be shared between the team. The size of the team will determine how much separation there is between the roles.

Practice Lead

The practice lead is responsible for ensuring our common processes and practices are being followed and that a high quality product is produced. The practice lead is also an escalation point for issues and will work with the client partner in matters of client management. Lastly, the practice lead will work with the sales team and the project lead on staffing needs.

Project Lead

Each project will be assigned a project lead, typically this will be a lead designer or lead developer, depending on the deliverables for the project. The project lead is responsible for the quality of the deliverables, whether that be design or code. The project lead will also be responsible for defining and designing the solutions that are implemented. The project lead will work with the practice lead for staffing needs and escalating and resolving issues.

Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for ensuring that our project process is being followed and that client visibility is high. The project manager is responsible for:

  • Ensuring stories are written on time with collaboration from the client
  • Task assignment and estimations and ensuring stories are completed on time
  • Generating weekly project and budget reports
  • Running all project related meetings
  • Monitoring scope and adjusting estimates and timelines as needed

In some cases, the project lead and the project manager will be the same person.

Developers and Designers

Developers and designers on the project are there to execute on the project deliverables. They should have a deep knowledge of the project vision and direction and be the first line of defense for raising issues and maintaining visibility. Developers and designers should alays know what they need to be doing, any loack of clarity in requirements or tasks should be corrected or communicated immediately.

Client Partner

The client partner owns the relationship with the client. They are responsible for maintaining a good relationship with the client and regularly touching base to ensure a positive experience. The client partner will typically be a practice lead or manager. Furthermore, the client partner is responsible for exploring future opportunities with the client.