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We use a variety of tools to run our business and work with our clients. Most of the tools we use a third-party software as a service that help us work better and more efficiently.

While we prefer most of the tools in this guide, we’re open to using tools that better fit the project or the client.

Time Tracking

We use Harvest for both time tracking. All employees should have an account and actively track their time there. All hours should be reviewed by a manager on a weekly basis.


We also use Harvest for invoicing. At the end of the month, we bill for all the work for the given month. We either bill for time and material or based on a fixed fee, we prefer the former as it leads to happier clients and better products.


We use QuickBooks Online for our accounting software. Our CPA runs the show there and can help anybody with any kind of report.

Email, Calendar, & Documents

We use Google Apps for Business for email, calenders and documents.

HR, Payroll, & Benefits

We use Gusto for HR, payroll, and benefits. Within Gusto, you can setup your payroll related details like bank accounts, taxes, and more. You can also manage your timeoff requests, health insurance, and other company benefits.


Our 401K is managed through Guideline.

Document Management

We use Dropbox as our primary tool for store and sharing documents.

Project Management

We use Trello for project management.


We use Slack as our primary medium for communication. We try to avoid sending emails in favor of asynchronous communication via Slack. Check out our Slack etiquette.

Conference Calls

We use Zoom and Google Hangouts for internal or client-facing calls. We prefer Zoom, but sometimes Hangouts is useful.