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User Interviews

Once we’ve identified our personas and mapped out our customer journeys, we can begin our initial user interviews. Working with your team, we’ll schedule interviews with the End Users. Our goal is to understand what their needs are, what currently works for them, what doesn’t, and answer other critical questions.

In some cases, we may mockup very simple prototypes of our user journey maps to get direct feedback on our understanding of the problem and potential solution.

User interviews help us ensure that we are targeting the right problem to solve. The interview responses should reinforce work we’ve documented in the project charter and through our journey mapping. If anything seems off or we get negative feedback then it might be a good opportunity to pump the breaks and reassess our problem statement and discovery.

These interviews don’t necessarily happen during the workshop. Typically we schedule them as the last day of the workshop but don’t require the entire team to be present. We’ll provide a report after the interviews are completed with an overview of the insights gathered.